Argyle Estate Sale Feb 12-14

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Argyle Estate Sale Feb 12-14

See Pics taken so far here!

Miller Family of Argyle Estate

by When Pigs Fly Estate and Auction Services

February 12-14


IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding processes of this Event are contained in the Rules Section. Please read. Thank You.

Join us as we host “One Amazing Event”! This lovely home is PACKED full of everything. From stunning furniture, vintage Toyotas and amazing decor, to toys, holiday fun (to wow you) and primitives galore. Heck, we even have a bicycle built for two.

(Presenting this lovely estate has been a labor of love. It is important for myself and many that I explain why. So I wrote the path that led to this moment below and placed under my estate rules section. They are of my personal history with the Miller Family and entwine with the dedication and spirit we have put into this bitter-sweet Estate Event.)

Here is what we have found so far:

1967 Toyota FJ 40 in most of its original state and waiting for you to come and play.-Available for Pre-sell

1978 Toyota FJ 40 completely restored and modified. This is one hot ride that will pull you out of the Jungle or Mountains for sure!-Available for Pre-sell

2001 Coachmen Travel Trailer-Available for Pre-sell

Antique Carousel horse-almost life size


Army trucks-toy

Art work

Ball jars

Bedroom furniture

Bicycles-Trek, Schwinn, Alpine and more



C.M. Russell Bronze – Stagecoach


Chad Burkhardt Original Watercolor under glass


Christmas decor collection larger than Bridget’s!



Crafting items (tons)


Cross Decor



Dolls, Dolls, Dolls


Frederic Remington Bronze-Buffalo Signal (not an original)

Games/Video and Board

GI Joe

Girl furniture


Halloween decor to surpass Hobby Lobby

Horse collectibles

Horse/Stock Trailer in great condition-Available for Pre-sell

Indian Art and Decor


King size headboard and footboard in stunning colors and design

Kirby Ramos Original Art under glass

Lego sets with boxes

Life size serving waiter


Living or Den furniture in leather and western fabric

Madame Alexander

McDonald toyland / playground toys

Metlox Sculptured Daisy-Poppy trail dishes


Office Furniture

Office Supplies



Racing Car themed Art and Decor


Riding Mower-Troybilt

Ronald McDonald himself


SONIC sign

Tool boxes




Vintage Counter scales

Vintage Fisher Price toys

Washer and Dryer

Western Art and Decor

Wheel Barrels

Yard Art

Yard Tools

Young Girl bedroom decor

Youth bedroom set with ladder/desk/dresser

and so much more…



We are hosting a time for the family to view items and purchase. This will be done right before the sale. Many items shown in photos or listed may be removed and we will NOT have time to update all sites.

We are unable to verify pricing and if an item is in stock. We receive hundreds of calls and just can’t handle that volume.  We will be pre-selling the vehicles and trailers and will arrange to show these items as we can. No other items will be viewed.

We love kids, just PLEASE do not bring them to our sales. So many reasons: Chemicals, pools, knives, breakables, other people, stairs and so on. No exceptions to allow children under 16.

NO PURSES OR BAGS ALLOWED. Security will ask you to take them back to your vehicle. WE WILL BE ENFORCING NO BAGS BEING BROUGHT INTO THE SALE!!!!!!

We always reserve the right to limit the number of people in the sale at any time. We will be limiting the number into the sale to 20.  WITH additional limits per room. THIS IS DONE FOR SAFETY AND MY SANITY!

Once you have paid for your items, you must go to the hold area, retrieve your items and leave the sale. If you want to come back in, you will have to do so empty handed and possibly wait in line again.

We understand some friends will want to stay and visit, we ask that you spend your time at the sale finding the treasures/memories you seek and then allow the next in line to shop as well. No family members will be present at this sale.

Be prepared to wait if we have a large line. Number allowed in, is on a case-by-case basis.

We charge sales tax unless YOU PROVIDE US WITH A FORM showing your exemption or resale status. Please bring these printable forms with you. We do not supply them.

This sale is NOT handicap accessible. Please be aware.

And yes, we love what we do. Please be polite to all. Estate sales are fun!!! BE HAPPY!

We will be placing a sign-up sheet outside sale entrance (to be determined). Please sign in and be back in line by 8:45 am the morning of the sale. Since this will be a highly attended sale, you can always bring a small portable chair to rest if you like. There are absolutely no restrooms available. Don’t drink too much coffee.

Do not park on the neighbors lawn or block their mailboxes. They will call the police.

This home is not unattended, please do not go to the house and ask to view items prior to the sale. You will be asked to leave.


No discounts the first day (please do not ask), 25% off the second day and 50% off the final day on most items. We will place reserves on certain pieces.


Our Personal Side…

LeAnn would attend our estate sales and a bright ray of sunshine would follow her. Always smiling, happy and excited for the treasure hunt, we looked forward to her arrival and energetic nature. Her husband Michael would come along at times and was very kind. He looked for sport items and while not as ‘Bubbly’ as LeAnn, he was a kind man and let her have fun treasure-hunting,

As many of  you know, I do not allow children under 16 in my sales and the reasons why are detailed in my rules section. However, Zoey (and Miles a couple times) was an exception. Zoey wanted to see the Dolls. She was focused on shopping for one of her passions and specific types of dolls were a fun treasure hunt she shared with her Mom.

This past summer I posted on our business Facebook that I was looking for ” A strong young man who worked hard, stayed off his phone and put up with me to help with estate sales”. LeAnn posted back that she ‘HAD THE MAN FOR ME!’ Her son Cory had graduated from College and before he went off to play professional Basketball, he had time to help us. The rest of that story is heartwarming as I adored Cory the moment I met him. He worked with us for a short while until his family was taken so suddenly.

For those of you who did not know, The Miller Family were all taken to the Lord in August of 2014. Returning from a family vacation in Colorado, the accident occurred in New Mexico. Cory did not go on that family vacation, but remained at his home to work and tend to the many animals they had.

The Love of God and the strength our Lord has given Cory, his family and those who knew and cared for Michael, LeAnn, Zoey and Miles is amazing.

While we are preparing The Miller Estate, it is often we reach out to them in spirit and prayer. It is comforting for those of us with When Pigs Fly to feel we are honoring this family and taking care of Cory.

Each day gets easier to think about this tragic loss as I think more about LeAnn and the sunshine she shared and try to remove  sadness. Having this wonderful opportunity to touch her home and the things they all loved, is one of the greatest honors I’ve had. So, while I only knew the family through my business, I’ve graciously been allowed to know them in their home.

We will represent ‘The Miller’ family in a wonderful, joyous and uplifting celebration of life. Sharing their treasures with you in a fun and happy environment is what they would want. And we are going to do it just that way.