Collinsville Large Estate May 28-30

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Collinsville Large Estate May 28-30

When Pigs Fly~Estate Sale

May 28-30


Culpepper Estate Phase l

Collinsville, TX

Join us as we liquidate a large Estate off of Hwy 377, just North of Denton and Pilot Point.

With many years of collecting, this estate is sure to please all. We have never had an estate with so much metal!

NOTE: Due to the heavy rain, we will be having two sales. This is Phase 1 only. Some photos may not have gotten removed and will be part of phase 2. We however, have tried to make sure those photos were removed and are not in the list of items.

Please take time to read over our list of guidelines so there are no surprised the days of the sale:

NO CHILDREN UNDER 16 ALLOWED. We love kids, however due to chemicals, knives, rust, hazards, vehicles, adults and such, this is not a good environment for them. Please do not bring them into the sale (no strollers, being carried or on your shoulders as well) as we will let you know they are not allowed inside the sale areas. Period. Thank you for understanding.

LIMITED NUMBER OF PEOPLE INSIDE. We will only allow 20 people inside the house section and 20 inside the shop section at any one time. There will be two separate cashiering areas and two separate lines to enter the sale. If you line up for the house, then you will have to wait in a separate line for the shop. And vice versa. We love controlled chaos and do this to keep the peace. All items must be paid for in their proper sections and cannot be moved from one area to the other. Once you pay for your items, please take them to your vehicle.

WE DO NOT HELP LOAD OR PACK. Please bring your own Hercules. We do not load or lift items you buy. Packing materials are always limited and we encourage you to be prepared.

NO RETURNS, NO REFUNDS. All items are sold as is, where is. We do not know their working condition, age or if an item has been recalled. Know before you buy as we do not refund for any reason.  We are liquidating used items and they do not have any guarantees or warranties.

TAX EXEMPT? If you are a reseller or have tax exempt status with the State of Texas, YOU MUST provide us with proof. Also, you must provide the forms you sign for our records. We do not provide forms. If you do not have the proper documentation SHOWING your proof of sales tax exemption, we will require you pay sales tax. 8.25%

REMOVING LARGE ITEMS. All items must be removed by close of the sale May 30th, 3:00pm. UNLESS you have made arrangements and paid for large items such as the fifth wheel travel trailers, large scrap metal piles, Diesel Pickup, fifth wheel flat bed trailer, antique tractors and implements. All items from inside the house must be removed by the end of the sale, no exceptions.

SCRAP METAL. We will be taking bids on select scrap metal with a timeline to have it removed.  Due to the heavy rains, we understand the challenge removing it may create and are open to timelines.

VINTAGE TRACTORS, 1 Fifth Wheel Camper and Flat Bed Trailer. The area in which these items are located are not part of this phase. However, they are available for sale. Please see one of the team members in the shop area for access to view. Otherwise, this area is off-limits.

NO RESTROOMS. Sorry, no bathroom facilities on site.


PARKING. Parking will be on the streets as the property is too saturated by all the rain we’ve had. We will allow large loads access to pick up items inside the gates as needed as well as in the driveway of the house. Do not remove cones set out unless we’ve give the OK. Please do not block roadways or the neighbors driveways.  Thank you for understanding.

HOLDING AREAS. We will have designated hold areas set up, however we DO NOT watch these areas. It is impossible to maintain complete restriction to hold areas during this type of sale. So, while we place signs up telling customers “DO NOT TOUCH HOLD AREA”, we can’t make guarantees. Thank you for understanding.

PRICING. We do our best to price and tag most items. Due to the huge quantity of items, we will have generalized pricing on certain valued items. There can be times where items have been moved, tags removed, missed or misplaced. We always reserve the right to verify pricing or question pricing. Please be patient.

RISK OF INJURY. Please be careful, watch your step, know your surroundings, do not lift heavy or sharp items. We are not responsible for ANY injuries or mishaps. You must be aware of your surroundings at all times. This is not an ADA compliant property.

NO MEAN PEOPLE. We like happy faces and need to see you smile. These events can get pretty hectic and only patient and nice people are allowed. If you are mean, keep it inside until you get home. Thank you.

Here is a list of some items in this sale. Please see photos as well.


Appliances some working and some for scrap

Automotive Tools


Carnival Glass

Cedar Chest

Deer blinde-older

Depression Glass



Drill Bits

Electrical Supplies

Fifth Wheel Travel Trailers – older

Florescent Lighting-TONS

Ford Diesel Pick Up Truck 1985-Runs

Freezers-chest type not frost free

Freezer-upright frost free

French Provencial Furniture


Gas Dryer


Hand tools-NEW

Kitchen Items


Lawn Equipment

Lawn Mowers



Medical lift bed


New in Box Electric Fire Places

Plumbing Supplies

Power Tools





Scrap Metal

Scrap wire


Sewing Machine

Tempurpedic Twin Electric mattress and lift set


Tools, Tools, Tools



Vintage Coolers

Vintage Fans

Vintage kerosene lanterns

Vintage phones

Vintage Riding Mowers

Vintage Tractors

Welding Equipment/Items



So there are NO surprises,


We are unable to verify pricing and if an item is in stock. We receive hundreds of calls and just can’t handle that volume.  We will be pre-selling the vehicles and certain collector items and will share as much as we can on those.

We love kids, just PLEASE do not bring them to our sales. So many reasons: Chemicals, pools, knives, breakables, other people, stairs and so on. No exceptions to allow children under 16.

NO PURSES OR BAGS ALLOWED. Security will ask you to take them back to your vehicle. WE WILL BE ENFORCING NO BAGS BEING BROUGHT INTO THE SALE!!!!!!

We always reserve the right to limit the number of people in the sale at any time. We will be limiting the number into the sale to 20.  WITH additional limits per room. THIS IS DONE FOR SAFETY AND MY SANITY!

Be prepared to wait if we have a large line. Number allowed in, is on a case-by-case basis.

We DO NOT HELP LOAD OR MOVE FURNITURE. Please bring your own Hercules or arrange for movers. If you buy and item and are unable to find a mover later, we will not be able to refund your purchase. Please know if you can move any items before you buy them.

We charge sales tax unless YOU PROVIDE US WITH A FORM showing your exemption or resale status. Please bring these printable forms with you. We do not supply them.

All items as is, where is. No refunds, no exchanges, no returns. We are an estate sale company and sell used items. No guarantees. Know before you buy.

We are not responsible for any accidents or injuries.

This sale is NOT handicap accessible. Please be aware.

And yes, we love what we do. Please be polite to all. Estate sales are fun!!! BE HAPPY!

Terms and Conditions:

Now for the Fine Print:
>We have limited packing supplies available. Please be prepared to box and pack all your bought items.
> NO Children Please. Too many accidents and little and big people can get hurt. We’ve had complaints that we let children in and complaints that we don’t. We can no longer allow ANY children in under ANY circumstances. It is not fair to allow one persons and not the others, even if you are holding them or their hands. Sorry, this is a set policy and we must adhere to it for our clients and customers. Thank you for understanding.
>We are not responsible for any accidents. No Restroom facilities available.
> 8.25% sales tax assessed unless you provide your tax exempt information. Please bring your tax exempt forms/resell forms with you!!! We DO NOT provide forms and a new one must be presented at each sale.
>ALL SALES FINAL-No refunds, returns or exchanges. Electricity available.
> We do NOT help load or haul items.
>CASH and CREDIT CARD ONLY AT THIS SALE. Minimum $10 per transaction.
>No large bags or purses allowed in the sale.
We have professional security at all of our sales. We ask for your assistance in helping us reduce theft.
> No Holds, all items must be paid for and removed by the close of the sale.
>We love what we do, NO MEAN PEOPLE ALLOWED 😉