North Texas Estate Sale Companies

When Pigs Fly Estate Sales & Auctions provides a complete range of estate liquidating services for North Texas. Whether you have the need to downsize, move or you have inherited an estate which needs to be liquidated, we’re one of the best North Texas Estate Sale Companies servicing the area.

Making Your Estate Liquidation Profitable

Estate Sale Companies North TexasAs with any sale, the primary objective is to obtain the most money that’s possible. Preparing for and handling a large sale such as downsizing or liquidating an estate can be quite difficult. There are so many details that need to be considered and this process can be extremely time consuming if you don’t have the expertise.

In most cases, using the services of a professional liquidator is the best approach. An experienced and knowledgeable professional estate liquidator can handle the details efficiently and provide promotional avenues that may not be readily available to you. As a result, an estate liquidation handled by a professional can be much more profitable for you.

Local Permits for Holding Estate Sales in North Texas

In general, for most of us that live in the area, we consider everything north of the DFW Metroplex up to the Oklahoma state line as North Texas. For our purposes, we’re going to add a further limitation of McKinney on the eastern edge and Denton on the western edge. Of course, this is just a general description of the part of North Texas where we provide estate liquidation services.

Even with us “restricting” the area, there’s a lot of cities in this area. Obviously, we can’t encompass city permit requirements for all of these. Permits required for Dallas, the largest city in North Texas, and Fort Worth, second largest city in the area, are mentioned on the appropriate pages of this website.

In general, it’s always a good idea to verify with the city where the estate sale will be conducted. For smaller cities, permits probably won’t be required, but it’s prudent to contact the city and ask if there are any requirements. Keep in mind that if the residence is located in a subdivision that has an HOA (Homeowners Association), there may be some special requirements to hold an estate sale.



When Pigs Fly Estate Sales & Auctions – A Premiere Estate Liquidator

Our company is a family owned and operated premier estate liquidator. Known for our honesty and integrity, we always strive to provide you with the best liquidation services for your situation. It is our passion and goal to help you make the best decisions in a difficult situation.

As one of the elite Estate Sale Companies in North Texas, we have handled many estate liquidations throughout the area. We have successfully completed profitable estate sales in cities all over North Texas. Some of our recent liquidation services were performed in Dallas, Denton, McKinney, Frisco, Whitesboro, Sherman, Lewisville, Plano and Corinth.

Services We Provide

Estate Liquidator North TexasIn general, our company provides services for estate liquidations, downsizing and moving sales. In certain situations, we may provide consignment or auction services but these two services aren’t normally available. If we believe either of these services might be beneficial for your situation, we will let you know.

When Pigs Fly Estate Sales & Auctions is a full service estate liquidator. Our service begins with a consultation with you to determine if our available services will be beneficial for you. If we determine that our services are right for your situation, we will discuss with you what our next steps are and what you can expect from us.

As a premier estate liquidator, our company handles high end items such as antiques, jewelry, furniture, guns, vehicles and boats and precious metals such as silver and gold. We have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge with these types of high end items. With this advantage, we’re able to effectively promote the merchandise and obtain the best possible prices.

Contact Us

When Pigs Fly Estate Sales & Auctions has been handling estate liquidations in the North Texas area for many years. Our family owned company is among the elite North Texas Estate Sale Companies that provides these types of services to the entire area.

Each situation, moving sale, estate liquidation or downsizing, is unique in some way. If you feel that our services may be the right solution for you, contact us so that we may discuss your needs. After discussing your needs, we will always provide you with honest answers.